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Based on the input of physicians, clinicians and patients using CPAP and a variety of masks CHI-SAN LLC designed a solution to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with wearing a mask night after night. The materials and designs have been thoroughly tested and proven to provide the end user with a comfortable leak free seal between the patient's facial structure and the mask reducing or eliminating skin breakdown or sores on the bridge of the nose or other areas of the face.

The primary goal of treating sleep apnea is to insure the patient gets a good night sleep. The Sleep Comfort Care Pad enables the patient to improve the overall comfort of mask and avoid delaying or discontinuing their therapy due to problems related to skin irritation. It's very important to use your CPAP therapy every night as directed by your physician and adherence to therapy has shown to produce positive results for patients. For intermittent or chronic skin problems related to using CPAP masks there is finally a simple low cost solution. We hope you will enjoy a better night sleep after trying our products.

How It Works

A patient can experience pain and discomfort on the around the bridge of their nose or other parts of their face associated with using nasal or full face masks. This can be due to over tightening the headgear straps or using a mask that doesn't have a good overall fit on the patient. Every patient has different facial structures as well as skin textures. Finding the right mask is like buying a comfortable fitting pair of shoes. It takes patience and advice from your doctor and a clinician to evaluate the options you have related to the many different masks available on the market.

The Sleep Comfort Care Pad is used much like a shoe insert or foam insole. The shoes you own may fit pretty good but they feel more comfortable when you put a nice pair of inserts inside of them. The same theory applies to our product line in that it acts as cushion between the patients face and their mask.

The protective polymer gel pad is hypoallergenic, latex and silicone fee and with proper care can be used multiple times. The product was designed to be placed across the bridge of the nose. Each person's face is different so take your time and place the pad on your face so that it covers the affected areas where you are experiencing discomfort or leaks then place the mask over the pad and tighten the straps on the mask. Don't over tighten the straps but insure that they are applying enough pressure to provide a seal with no air leaking around the pad or mask.

The Sleep Comfort Care Pad is a polymer gel material which provides ultimate skin protection. Simply apply the pad to your face and place your mask over the pad. The pad does not require any adhesives to make it stay on your face and this is benefit over products on the market which need tapes or glue to make them stay in place. When you awake after a refreshing nights sleep remove your mask and the pad and wash it with soap and water and place in the protective container provided with the product to keep lint and dust from collecting on it.

Composed of USP grade mineral oil which moisturizes by gradually diffusing onto the skin.

  • Decreases skin breakdown and facial sores
  • Improves overall comfort with nasal and full face masks
  • Increases patient adherence with OSA therapy
  • Acts as a barrier between the patients skin and their mask to decrease leaks and sores on facial areas
  • Washable, hypoallergenic, silicone and latex free
  • Available in two sizes
  • Made in the USA
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