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Finally end the nightly torture of CPAP!

CPAP Pro Why suffer another miserable sleep?

  • Forget the painful mask!
  • Forget the annoying leaks onto your face!
  • Forget the continuous tightening of painful headgear!
  • Forget the painful sores and skin irritation!
  • Forget your awful full-face mask!

Designed For Use With CPAP, APAP, & BIPAP Systems

Enjoy the best night's sleep ever with CPAP Pro®

The inventor of CPAP PRO®, a frustrated sleep apnea patient, realized as he pressed his head against the pillow or changed position during sleep, his conventional mask would cause leaking requiring the constant tightening of the headgear.

CPAP PRO® has no straps or headgear yet it stays in perfect relationship with the nostrils all night long. An easy to form mouthpiece that can be prepared at home snaps onto your upper teeth. The mouthpiece has a thin bracket that extends outward between the lips to hold two respiratory tubes that convey air to the nostrils through the nasal puffs. Since the upper teeth always remain in perfect relationship with the nose all leakage and skin irritation is eliminated no matter how much you twist and turn during sleep!

Only $179.00

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