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Hospital Beds


Manual & semi-electric beds are covered in the patient’s home. Full electric beds are not covered.

  • Manual Beds are covered if one or more of the following are met:
    • Patient requires positioning not possible in an ordinary bed with a need of 30 days.
    • Patient requires positioning to alleviate pain,
    • Patient requires an elevation of >30 degrees.
    • Patient requires traction equipment that may only be attached to hospital beds.
  • Semi-Electric Beds are covered if in addition to meeting the general indications, the patient requires frequent changes or immediate changes in body position.
  • Heavy Duty Beds are covered for clients who weigh more than 350 pounds.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Beds are covered for clients who weigh more than 600 pounds.
  • Documentation: A written order prior to dispensing and records for the physician file documenting need is required. No prior authorization is required.

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