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TrueBlue Nasal CPAP Mask

The TrueBlue Nasal CPAP Mask is the latest of Philips Respironics' popular gel cushion masks. The TrueBlue's unique freeform spring sits between the mask frame and cushion adjusting automatically to user movements to maintain stable, leak free seal.

The mask's premium blue gel nasal cushion molds naturally to the shape of your nose while the cushion's soft outer flap expands and contracts to improve fit and comfort without irritating the skin or pinching at problem spots like the nasal bridge.

Designed to fit more loosely than traditional CPAP headgear, TrueBlue Headgear has wide, soft fabric straps that converge into a single back panel and crown strap creating a balanced fit without overtightening.

The TrueBlue's intuitive 3-cushion forehead pad is enchanced by additional gel cushioning; and new Talon Headgear Clips are made of durable soft plastics to withstand tension as they are attached and removed. Each clip snaps quickly into place and twists to detach without the need for strap adjustments.


  • Headgear has inlaid adjustable straps that converge into a single back panel with a crown strap for added stability.
  • Premium blue gel works together with the thin, form-fitting outer silicone membrane to create an effective, self-adjusting seal. Not only does our blue gel provide extra stability, it is thinner and lighter than ever before.
  • Freeform nasal cushion spring gives patients the ability to move in any direction. The soft silicone spring helps patients to get a better night’s sleep by limiting disturbances to the seal.
  • Intuitive forehead pad is designed expressly for TrueBlue and enhanced with a remarkably soft premium blue gel.
  • Angled exhalation micro ports make operation quieter and redirect air away from a bed partner.
  • Talon clips are included, making it easy for patients to remove the mask and lock in the same fit, night after night.
TrueBlue Nasal CPAP Mask TrueBlue Nasal CPAP Mask

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