CPAP  Respiratory Demonstration by Tom Invacare 5 Oxygen Concentrator

Avritt Medical has a respiratory therapist on staff and provides a unique homefill oxygen system, liquid oxygen, and CPAP/BIPAP therapy. As with all of our services, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.

S9 Series by ResMed

S9 Series by ResMed

The S9 Series offers the following features:

  • Climateline*
  • Slimline Tube
  • Compliance Management
  • Enhanced Auto Set Algorithm
  • Quietness with Easy-Breath motor
  • Intuitive Design – enhances the look of your bedroom

*The ClimateLine heated tube is key technology in the Climate Control system. The ClimateLine tube includes a sensitive heating circuit which is automatically controlled by the Climate Control algorithm to deliver a constant, comfortable temperature at the mask. Located at the mask end of the tube, a sensor measures the temperature of the air leaving the tube.

With traditional humidification systems, as the temperature in the room changes, so does the temperature of the air inside the tube. At lower temperatures, the amount of water vapor that can be held by the air decreases and condensation can form in the tube. The ClimateLine tube maintains the temperature of the air delivered to the patient. This ensures that condensation is avoided even if the temperature in the room drops during the night. By keeping the air temperature in the tube constant, the Climate Control system can automatically adjust to changes in ambient conditions to maintain a constant, comfortable humidity level.

Since the system measures temperature at the mask, the temperature you feel will remain at your preferred setting, regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity.

Helios 300

Puritan Bennett Helios 300 Portable Liquid Oxygen System

The HELiOS™ Personal Oxygen System is one of the smallest, lightest, and longest lasting portable systems available. It provides the long-term oxygen patient with the freedom to get out and go. Patients can return to a more active lifestyle without the encumbrance of bulky, heavy equipment and the bother of frequent refilling associated with traditional oxygen therapy systems. The H300 portable unit weighs a mere 3.6 pounds filled and has a duration of use of 8-10 hours at a setting of 2. Refills from the HELiOS reservoir take a quick 40 seconds. The HELiOS portable unit operates in a variety of positions...safely and reliably. The HELiOS Personal Oxygen System gives home care companies the ability to cost effectively provide a better, friendlier system that breaks down the barriers to effective long-term oxygen therapy. Due to the system's efficiency, home care dealers can streamline liquid oxygen deliveries to as few as 8 per year.

Product Features

  • Small and lightweight (weighing 3.6 lbs filled) for maximum freedom and comfort.
  • Long duration, approximately 8-10 hours at a setting of 2 allows patient greater independence.
  • Quick and easy to fill; takes about 40 seconds.
  • Operates in various positions for safety and convenience.
  • Built-in pneumatic conserver requires no batteries for operation.
  • Built-in spring scale for easy oxygen contents monitoring.
Portable H300
Capacity LOX (lbs) 0.9
Gaseous equivalent (liters) 308
Weight, filled (lbs) 3.6
Weight, empty (lbs) 2.7
Height including handle (inches) 10.5
Operating pressure (psig) 22
Typical fill time, warm (seconds) 40
Normal evaporation rate (lbs per day) 1.0
Typical Maximum 1.5
Typical use time (hours) at a setting of 2 18 BPM, 1:3 I/E 8-10
Standard flow controller range (12 settings) 1/8-4